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Rock CLIMBing Lagos & Sagres & Rocha da Pena

What is special about the rock climbing in the Algarve espacially in Sagres & Lagos? We say a lot, because we are not an agency we climbed and discouvered all of this lines by ourself!

The limestone formations in the Algarve can be climbed all year round, according to the actual INCF regulations.

Most of the rock climbing areas are set up in the Nature Park 'Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina' (PNSACV), that means that you will be part of one of the most scenic climbing areas in Portugal. In the park a great number of the climbing routes are situated at the cliffs, so imagine nice moves over the azure blue ocean accentuated by the sound of waves and refreshing gust.


Additionally there are great climbing sectors (Navigator Slab, Amacao Nova, Foz de Forno) close to or at the beaches - so have a swim after the rock climbing session. You also should not miss out discovering the inland climbing areas with its rolling hills of Rocha da Peña and the mountainous area of the Monchique. Great views to climb up to! Since the ICNF (Instituo da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas) prohibited climbing at some sectors on the cliffs in the Nature Park for reasons of nature protection, these cannot be used at the moment. The climbing association of the Algarve and the commercial companies are working on a solution for this year round blocking. We keep you in the loop!


day of climbing includes

o Session about 3-4 hours of rock time, coaching/lessons

o Introduction to climbing equipment & safety

o Fully qualified and friendly guides

o Practical training in belay technics, basic climb technics, outdoor toprope

o Setup of the climbing routes

o Free transportation to the spots around Rocha da Peña, Lagos and Sagres

o Pick up and drop off at your hotel or meeting point

o Rental of the complete climbing equipment 


To create perfect conditions our company works just with national/international qualified and passionate guides and professional climbing equipment from BLACK DIAMOND & OCUN.

If you are part of our climb lesson and guided tours the PPE is included.

This equipment is frequently checked by our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) responsible.

The climb lessons refer to persons that never climbed before or do not have  experience to do lead in climbing or setting up a top rope in the outdoors. For more experienced climbers we offer advanced climb classes.

day of climbing includes

If you want to explore the rocks by yourself, you are more than welcome to hire our equipment. Just sent us a request!

o Helmet ⁄Half Dome – Black Diamond ⁄ UIAA & CE

o Harness /Momentum DS – Black Diamond ⁄ EN12277 & CE0082

o Belay System ⁄ATC Guide – Black Diamond /EN12275 & CE0333

o Quickdraws ⁄Positron QD – Black Diamond / EN 12275 & CE0333

o Carabiners /Falcon Screw- OCUN ⁄EN 12275 & CE1019

o Nylon Runners ⁄ Nylon Runners – Black Diamond ⁄ EN566 & CE0333

o Rope ⁄ Ultimate 9,4mm/60m – OCUN/ EN892 & UIAA & CE1019

o Shoes – Rental – OCUN (Size EU 37,5 -46)


 Rock Climbing Offers



SEASON March-December  |  LEVEL Beginner & Intermediate | COURSE Needs minimum 3 Persons * Not for beginners


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